Facility Rental

The Dawson City Museum provides use of its facilities to other community groups, organizations, government agencies and businesses provided the proposed activities and events do not interfere with the safety and security of the Museum buildings and collections.  A fee schedule indicated below is used to offset operating costs.

All entities wishing to use the Dawson City Museum facilities will be provided with an Agreement which details the conditions under which the rental is made.  The Dawson City Museum reserves the right to deny any requests which in its sole opinion are contrary to the mandate of the Museum.

Space Size Rental fee
Courtroom 1008 sq ft (approx. 75 people) $200
Boardroom 200 sq ft (table seats 10) $50
Theatre 540 sq ft (seating for 48) $120
Entire Facility*   $900
Outside Spaces,
including patio

*please contact the Museum directly for more information.


Dawson City Museum Rental Agreement (77KB PDF)

Conditions of Use

  • The Dawson City Museum is a smoke-free facility
  • A staff member of the Dawson City Museum will be present for any rental that occurs after office hours. Security is a Museum responsibility and may not be delegated to users.
  • Unless otherwise authorized, all events must end by 12 midnight and the premises vacated by 1:00 am.
  • Users are liable for the cost of any damage to the facility or equipment during the designated rental period.
  • All equipment, food or decorations brought into the Dawson City Museum must be removed from the facility at the end of the event, within the designated rental period. Items left behind by caterer, florist or any other service provider under contract by the user will result in an additional clean up charge, in accordance with the policy.
  • The Dawson City Museum does not accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of, any merchandise, equipment, or articles left in the Museum prior to or during an event. · Posters, decorations, or similar items cannot be attached to walls, doors or stairways or hung from ceiling or fixtures without prior approval. The Museum will provide easels for the display of signage.
  • Groups may not adjust exhibition material or place any non-exhibition material on exhibit furnishings. Groups may not adjust lighting.
  • Groups may not handle artifacts.
  • The throwing of rice, bird seed, silly string, confetti (including shooting off poppers) or similar items is not permitted inside or outside the Dawson City Museum.
  • Votive candles or flame lighting of any sort are prohibited.
  • Animals other than Service animals are not permitted inside the Museum.
  • Any merchandise for sale to the public must be sold by arrangement with the Museum gift shop. Such arrangements must be made in advance with the Executive Director
  • Galleries will be opened on request for viewing exhibitions only. No food or drink will be allowed in the galleries. No catering setups will be allowed in gallery areas.
  • Renters are required to carry their own Commercial General Liability Insurance and may be required to provide proof prior to the designated rental period.


Serving alcohol requires any renter or caterer to hold a valid Yukon Liquor License. Not-for-profit groups and those entities not already having a liquor license will be required to apply through the Dawson City Museum. Caterers who hold liquor licenses will be provided with a letter of permission from the Museum to serve alcohol on the premises. All alcohol and related license fees will be purchased and paid for by the renter.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are permitted in the boardroom, lobby, theatre and gift shop areas of the Museum. The Museum reserves the right to approve food and beverage services in advance of the event. All arrangements for and payment of food and beverage services will be the responsibility of the renter.

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