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Literary Society of the Klondike fonds

Creation Date(s): 1989-2010

Physical Description:
446 newspapers

Bio Sketch / Admin History:
The Klondike Sun is a biweekly community newspaper dedicated to recording activities and events that transpire in Dawson City and the surrounding Klondike region. The Klondike Sun is a nonprofit enterprise, published by the Literary Society of the Klondike, and printed in Whitehorse by the Yukon News.

The Literary Society of the Klondike was founded early in 1989, around the same time that the Nutty Club ceased producing its long-running community newsletter, the Klondike Korner. Dawson had not had its own newspaper since the Dawson Daily News left town in 1954, and many Dawsonites felt that local issues were not receiving sufficient coverage in the pages of the Yukon News. Longtime Dawson resident, John Gould, suggested the name Klondike Sun, paying homage to two early Dawson papers- the Klondike Nugget and the Yukon Sun.

Founding members of the Klondike Sun attempted to register their organization as the Klondike Sun Newspaper Society, but were turned down due to the large number of pre-existing societies with “klondike” at the beginning of their name. Although the final name, Literary Society of the Klondike, suggests broader activity, the society’s sole function has always been the publishing of the Klondike Sun newspaper.

The first members of the Literary Society of the Klondike board of directors were: Dan Davidson (president), Sue Ward (vice president), Kathy Jones-Gates (secretary/treasurer), Palma Berger, Richard Blais, John Gould, Madeleine Gould, Dawne Mitchell, Chere Mitchell, and Sue Ward (directors).

Volume 1, number 1 of the Klondike Sun was released on Thursday May 25, 1989. It was produced out of offices in the rear portion of the Golden Age Society building, which was attached to Macdonald Lodge on the corner of 5th Avenue and Church Street in Dawson City.

Dan Davidson and Kathy Jones-Gates were the paper’s first editors. Madeleine Gould and Dawn Mitchell coordinated advertising, and Chere Mitchell served as typist. Palma Berger, Dan Davidson, Kathy Jones-Gates, Dawne Mitchell and Sue Ward were all contributing writers. The first Klondike Sun also included a guest editorial from famous Dawsonite, Pierre Berton.

Within the first two and a half years of operation the Sun took up residence in the Waterfront Building on Front Street in Dawson City. It has out-survived several for-profit competitors over the years and continues to be largely run by volunteers, contract staff, a paid production manager and a bookkeeper.

Individuals with long-standing associations with the Sun include: Dan Davidson, Palma Berger, Evelyn Dubois, Karen McIntyre, Betty Davidson, Karen McKay, Colleen Smith and Lisa McKenna.

Scope and Content:
This fonds consists of 446 print editions of the Klondike Sun newspaper, published between May 1989 and December 2010, by the Literary Society of the Klondike.

Missing issues: September 17, 1992; June 20, 2000; July 4, 2000; December 2000; May 8, 2001, and March 12, 2002.

Accession Number(s): 2012.13

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