Chilkoot Pass, c1898.

Chilkoot Pass, c1898.

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Canadian Photo Archive
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Card mounted stereoviews of the Chilkoot Pass. At the bottom of the hill there is a lot of people preparing things at camps in order to move over the pass. There is a long line of people moving their way over the pass.

Caption left: Keystone View Company Manufacturers & Publishers Copyright 1898 by B. L. Singley.

Caption right: Meadville, Pa, St. Louis, Mo, San Fransisco, Cal, New York, NY, London, England.

Caption: 9191--Bound for the Klondike Gold Fields, Chilkoot Pass, Alaska.

Caption verso: 138 // Having secured a place in line we were compelled to wait for the man ahead to remove his foot from each successive step before we could advance and likewise found it neccessary to keep moving out of the way of the man who followed close upon our heels. The grade is very steep and a little line was stretched from the foot of the staiway to the summit. A thousand icy steps were cut in the hardened snow. There are numberless steep mountain grades and many difficult passes, but there never was but one Chilkoot, and the scene and experiences it afforded during this crusade will never be forgotton by those who witnessed them, nor will those scenes ever by repeated. Penetrating further into the realms of the winter king, we inspect his fortress.