Wedding of John Rablen and Lily Fowles, 1899.

Wedding of John Rablen and Lily Fowles, 1899.

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Canadian Photo Archive
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black and white formal portrait of Crystal Snow at the wedding of John Rablen (youngest brother of Anna Rablen Snow, Crystal's mother), and Lily Fowles. The wedding took place in Sonora California where the Rablen family had a farm, George and Anna were married and Crystal and Monte were born.

Inscription verso: 1899 // Sonora California where Anna Snow's family have a farm. George and Anna were married in the parlour and Crystal + Monte were born there.

Lottie Easton (Lily's Aunt), Fred Heckman (Lily's future Uncle Lottie), Willie Fowles (Lily's brother), Crystal Snow (age 15) [Just back from the Klondike. The family is rich]
John Rablen (youngest Rablen, only one born in the United States), Lily Fowles (Half-sister of Corinne Brown, Steve Rablen's wife). John Rablen is Anna Snow's youngest brother; Crystal's uncle.

December 1991: Photo and information courtesy of Iona Russell of Sonora: John and Lily's granddaughter.