Dawson City, August 17, 1899

Dawson City, August 17, 1899

Accession Number: 2008.23.1-PER
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Goetzman, H.J.
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Top Photo:

A street scene of Dawson City along Front Street. In the far left two boats are visible, one having "Alaska Meat Co." on the side. The boats are docked at Aurora Dock where a sign reads "Passenger and Freight Office, Yukon Flyer Line, 10 Days to Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria. Bennett and Seattle." Men are gathered on the far right of the dock, a dog appears to be resting beside covered cargo near the dock. The street is very crowded with men, women and dogs. A telephone line is running through the street, supporting many signs for local businesses. Starting from the far background of the street, the signs read: "Wilke (?) Dentist", "Palmer Bros." "Bonanza King & Eldorado, Office at Aurora Dock, secure tickets by the Yukon Flyer line, 10 days to Deattle and Vancouver, BC". "Aurora Pack Train office, ORR & Smith." Various carts can be seen along the street, one of which is being pulled by a team of dogs, and another by a horse. A few of the carts are hand held. Of the numerous businesses along the street, only a few are recognizable "Palmer Bros" "Aurora Cafe" "The Aurora" and down Queen Street "Aurora Pack Train Office", "Northwest Trading Co." "Sargeant & Pinska".

Inscription recto: Street Scene, Dawson City, August 17, 1899 by H.J. Goetzman.

Bottom Photo:

Panoramic view of Dawson City from across the Yukon River. At far left the Moosehide Slide is visible as well as Suicide Point. Many boats are docked along the waterfront, a name is visible on only one "Alaska & Meat Co" The C.D. Co warehouse is at centre left. No other business names are recognizable. Klondike City is visible on the far right side of the photograph where the Klondike River joins into the Yukon River.

Inscription recto: Dawson City, August 17, 1899 by H.J. Goetzman"